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Juggling Life's Roles

Hey there,

You know, life has this uncanny way of throwing curveballs just when you thought you had everything figured out. Remember when I started that blog journey? Well, let me tell you about the detour I've been on lately. My two boys, aged 13 and 8, are these amazing little athletes who are also killing it in school. Getting them all set for the school year, along with their sports, became this whirlwind of a challenge.

I had all these grand plans to keep up with my blogging, but somewhere along the way, life happened. The hustle and bustle of adjusting schedules, ferrying them to practices and games, and making sure they're on top of their schoolwork has been consuming me. It's like the blog just took a backseat, and it wasn't what I intended at all.

But you know what? Life has this funny way of teaching us lessons. Amidst the craziness, I realized that staying true to my commitments – both to my readers and to myself – was crucial. I mean, we talk about promises all the time, right? Turns out, it's not just about the words we say but the actions we take to back them up.

Speaking of actions, let's chat about self-care. Can we all agree that in a world that glorifies busy, taking time for ourselves feels like an act of rebellion? As a black woman juggling family, work, and hobbies, I learned that self-care isn't selfish; it's essential. I've found solace in the little things – savoring a quiet cup of tea, sweating it out with a workout, and indulging in some of those digital products I create. It's like a reminder to myself that I matter too, you know?

And balance, oh boy, that's a whole journey in itself. I used to think balance meant equal slices of the pie for every role in my life – mom, professional, blogger – you name it. But I've come to realize that it's more like a dance. Some days, one role takes the lead, and other days, it's a different tune altogether. The key is embracing the chaos and weaving it all into a rhythm that feels right.

So, here I am, picking up where I left off with my blog, while still being that superhero mom, rocking it at work, and giving myself the love I deserve. Life's tapestry might have a few tangles, but the beauty is in the way we navigate them, right? Here's to embracing change, keeping promises, practicing self-love, and dancing to the tune of our own unique balance.

Catch you later!

Signed The New Self Care Queen!

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